Tesseract  3.02
DENORM Member List
This is the complete list of members for DENORM, including all inherited members.
block() const DENORM [inline]
DENORM(float x, float scaling, ROW *src)DENORM
DENORM(float x, float scaling, double line_m, double line_c, inT16 seg_count, DENORM_SEG *seg_pts, BOOL8 using_row, ROW *src)DENORM
DenormTransform(const TPOINT &pt, TPOINT *original) const DENORM
DenormTransform(const FCOORD &pt, FCOORD *original) const DENORM
inverse() const DENORM [inline]
LocalDenormTransform(const TPOINT &pt, TPOINT *original) const DENORM
LocalDenormTransform(const FCOORD &pt, FCOORD *original) const DENORM
LocalNormBlob(TBLOB *blob) const DENORM
LocalNormTransform(const TPOINT &pt, TPOINT *transformed) const DENORM
LocalNormTransform(const FCOORD &pt, FCOORD *transformed) const DENORM
NormTransform(const TPOINT &pt, TPOINT *transformed) const DENORM
NormTransform(const FCOORD &pt, FCOORD *transformed) const DENORM
operator=(const DENORM &)DENORM
pix() const DENORM [inline]
predecessor() const DENORM [inline]
RootDenorm() const DENORM [inline]
row() const DENORM [inline]
set_block(const BLOCK *block)DENORM [inline]
set_inverse(bool value)DENORM [inline]
set_pix(Pix *pix)DENORM [inline]
set_row(ROW *row)DENORM [inline]
SetupBLNormalize(const BLOCK *block, const ROW *row, float x_height, const TBOX &word_box, int num_segs, const DENORM_SEG *segs)DENORM
SetupNormalization(const BLOCK *block, const ROW *row, const FCOORD *rotation, const DENORM *predecessor, const DENORM_SEG *segs, int num_segs, float x_origin, float y_origin, float x_scale, float y_scale, float final_xshift, float final_yshift)DENORM
x_scale() const DENORM [inline]
XHeightRange(int unichar_id, const UNICHARSET &unicharset, const TBOX &bbox, inT16 *min_xht, inT16 *max_xht) const DENORM
y_scale() const DENORM [inline]