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com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void createImage (String name, int width, int height, int bitsPerPixel)
static void openImage (String location)
static PImage getImage (String name)
static void parseData (String inputLine)
static boolean getReadImageData ()
static int getMissingRemainingBytes ()

Static Package Attributes

static HashMap< String, PImage > images = new HashMap<String, PImage>()
static boolean readImageData = false
static String imageName = null
static int bytesRead = 0
static int bpp = 0
static int pictureArray []
static int bytePerPixel = 0
static int width = 0
static int height = 0

Detailed Description

The ScrollViewImageHandler is a helper class which takes care of image processing. It is used to construct an Image from the message-stream and basically consists of a number of utility functions to process the input stream.


Definition at line 26 of file SVImageHandler.java.

Member Function Documentation

static void com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.createImage ( String  name,
int  width,
int  height,
int  bitsPerPixel 
) [inline, static]

Starts creation of a new image.

Definition at line 146 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    // Create buffered image that does not support transparency
    bpp = bitsPerPixel;
    if (bpp == 1) {
      bytePerPixel = 1;
    } else if (bpp == 8) {
      bytePerPixel = 2;
    } else if (bpp == 32) {
      bytePerPixel = 7;
    } else {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(
          "bpp should be 1 (binary), 8 (gray) or 32 (argb), is " + bpp);
    if (imageName != null) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("Image " + imageName + " already opened!");
    else {
      imageName = name;
      bytesRead = 0;
      readImageData = true;
      SVImageHandler.height = height;
      SVImageHandler.width = width;
      pictureArray = new int[width * height];

    System.out.println("Processing Image with " + bpp + " bpp, size " + width + "x" + height);
static PImage com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.getImage ( String  name) [inline, static]

Find the image corresponding to a given name

Definition at line 189 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    return images.get(name);
static int com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.getMissingRemainingBytes ( ) [inline, static]

Computes how many bytes of the image data are still missing

Definition at line 225 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    return (height * width * bytePerPixel) - bytesRead;
static boolean com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.getReadImageData ( ) [inline, static]

Returns whether we a currently reading image data or not

Definition at line 220 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    return readImageData;
static void com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.openImage ( String  location) [inline, static]

Opens an Image from location. This means the image does not have to be actually transfered over the network. Thus, it is a lot faster than using the createImage method.

locationThe (local) location from where to open the file. This is also the internal name associated with the image (if you want to draw it).

Definition at line 183 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    PImage img = new PImage(location);
    images.put(location, img);
static void com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.parseData ( String  inputLine) [inline, static]

Gets called while currently reading image data. Decides, how to process it (which image type, whether all data is there).

Definition at line 197 of file SVImageHandler.java.

    int[] data = null;

    if (bpp == 1) {
      data = processBinaryImage(inputLine);
    } else if (bpp == 8) {
      data = processGrayImage(inputLine);
    } else if (bpp == 32) {
      data = process32bppImage(inputLine);
    } else {
      System.out.println("Unsupported Bit Type: " + bpp);

    System.arraycopy(data, 0, pictureArray, bytesRead, data.length);
    bytesRead += data.length;

    // We have read all image data - close the image
    if (bytesRead == (height * width)) {

Member Data Documentation

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String com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.imageName = null [static, package]

These are all values belonging to the image which is currently being read

Definition at line 38 of file SVImageHandler.java.

HashMap<String, PImage> com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.images = new HashMap<String, PImage>() [static, package]

Stores a mapping from the name of the string to its actual image. It enables us to re-use images without having to load or transmit them again

Definition at line 31 of file SVImageHandler.java.

Definition at line 41 of file SVImageHandler.java.

boolean com.google.scrollview.ui.SVImageHandler.readImageData = false [static, package]

A global flag stating whether we are currently expecting Image data

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