Tesseract  3.02
tesseract-ocr/ccmain/pgedit.h File Reference
#include "ocrblock.h"
#include "ocrrow.h"
#include "werd.h"
#include "rect.h"
#include "params.h"
#include "notdll.h"
#include "tesseractclass.h"

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class  PGEventHandler


ScrollViewbln_word_window_handle ()
void build_image_window (int width, int height)
void display_bln_lines (ScrollView window, ScrollView::Color colour, float scale_factor, float y_offset, float minx, float maxx)
void pgeditor_msg (const char *msg)
void pgeditor_show_point (SVEvent *event)
void show_point (PAGE_RES *page_res, float x, float y)


BLOCK_LIST * current_block_list
char * editor_image_win_name = "EditorImage"
int editor_image_xpos = 590
int editor_image_ypos = 10
int editor_image_height = 680
int editor_image_width = 655
int editor_image_word_bb_color = BLUE
int editor_image_blob_bb_color = YELLOW
int editor_image_text_color = WHITE
char * editor_dbwin_name = "EditorDBWin"
int editor_dbwin_xpos = 50
int editor_dbwin_ypos = 500
int editor_dbwin_height = 24
int editor_dbwin_width = 80
char * editor_word_name = "BlnWords"
int editor_word_xpos = 60
int editor_word_ypos = 510
int editor_word_height = 240
int editor_word_width = 655
double editor_smd_scale_factor = 1.0

Function Documentation

ScrollView* bln_word_window_handle ( )


a WINDOW for the word window, creating it if necessary

Definition at line 171 of file pgedit.cpp.

                                     {  // return handle
                                 // not opened yet
  if (bln_word_window == NULL) {
    pgeditor_msg("Creating BLN word window...");
    bln_word_window = new ScrollView(editor_word_name.string(),
      editor_word_xpos, editor_word_ypos, editor_word_width,
      editor_word_height, 4000, 4000, true);
    BlnEventHandler* a = new BlnEventHandler();
    pgeditor_msg("Creating BLN word window...Done");
  return bln_word_window;
void build_image_window ( int  width,
int  height 


Destroy the existing image window if there is one. Work out how big the new window needs to be. Create it and re-display.

Definition at line 192 of file pgedit.cpp.

  if (image_win != NULL) { delete image_win; }
  image_win = new ScrollView(editor_image_win_name.string(),
                             editor_image_xpos, editor_image_ypos,
                             width + 1,
                             height + editor_image_menuheight + 1,
void display_bln_lines ( ScrollView  window,
ScrollView::Color  colour,
float  scale_factor,
float  y_offset,
float  minx,
float  maxx 
void pgeditor_msg ( const char *  msg)


Display a message - in the command window if there is one, or to stdout

Definition at line 372 of file pgedit.cpp.

void pgeditor_show_point ( SVEvent event)


Display the coordinates of a point in the command window

Definition at line 383 of file pgedit.cpp.

  image_win->AddMessage("Pointing at(%d, %d)", event->x, event->y);
void show_point ( PAGE_RES page_res,
float  x,
float  y 


Show coords of point, blob bounding box, word bounding box and offset from row baseline

Definition at line 650 of file pgedit.cpp.

  FCOORD pt(x, y);
  PAGE_RES_IT pr_it(page_res);

  char msg[160];
  char *msg_ptr = msg;

  msg_ptr += sprintf(msg_ptr, "Pt:(%0.3f, %0.3f) ", x, y);

  for (WERD_RES* word = pr_it.word(); word != NULL; word = pr_it.forward()) {
    if (pr_it.row() != pr_it.prev_row() &&
        pr_it.row()->row->bounding_box().contains(pt)) {
      msg_ptr += sprintf(msg_ptr, "BL(x)=%0.3f ",
    if (word->word->bounding_box().contains(pt)) {
      TBOX box = word->word->bounding_box();
      msg_ptr += sprintf(msg_ptr, "Wd(%d, %d)/(%d, %d) ",
                         box.left(), box.bottom(),
                         box.right(), box.top());
      C_BLOB_IT cblob_it(word->word->cblob_list());
      for (cblob_it.mark_cycle_pt();
           cblob_it.forward()) {
        C_BLOB* cblob = cblob_it.data();
        box = cblob->bounding_box();
        if (box.contains(pt)) {
          msg_ptr += sprintf(msg_ptr,
                             "CBlb(%d, %d)/(%d, %d) ",
                             box.left(), box.bottom(),
                             box.right(), box.top());

Variable Documentation

BLOCK_LIST* current_block_list

"Editor debug window height"

Definition at line 145 of file pgedit.cpp.

char* editor_dbwin_name = "EditorDBWin"

"Editor debug window name"

Definition at line 142 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Editor debug window width"

Definition at line 146 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Editor debug window X Pos"

Definition at line 143 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_dbwin_ypos = 500

"Editor debug window Y Pos"

Definition at line 144 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Blob bounding box colour"

Definition at line 137 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Editor image height"

"Correct text colour"

Definition at line 139 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_image_width = 655

"Editor image width"

char* editor_image_win_name = "EditorImage"

"Editor image window name"

Definition at line 130 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Word bounding box colour"

Definition at line 135 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_image_xpos = 590

"Editor image X Pos"

Definition at line 131 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Editor image Y Pos"

Definition at line 132 of file pgedit.cpp.

"Scaling for smd image"

int editor_word_height = 240

"Word window height"

Definition at line 151 of file pgedit.cpp.

char* editor_word_name = "BlnWords"

"BL normalised word window"

"BL normalized word window"

Definition at line 148 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_word_width = 655

"Word window width"

Definition at line 152 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_word_xpos = 60

"Word window X Pos"

Definition at line 149 of file pgedit.cpp.

int editor_word_ypos = 510

"Word window Y Pos"

Definition at line 150 of file pgedit.cpp.